The computer has become an inseparable part of the modern world and it is completely obvious that your child will have to learn about it one way or another. It's best to start that learning process with interesting and beneficial games such as kids puzzles.

Our computer versions of kids puzzles have a number of advantages over regular paper versions: first of all, they don't take up a lot of space, second, one program contains many different pictures, and third, your child will never lose a single piece of any of our puzzles.

At this site you can find five subject-specific kids puzzles as well as a small, simplified online version.

Animals Puzzle is full of bright, friendly pictures, including giraffes, hedgehogs, cows and puppies, as well as many other wonderful characters.

Fairy Tale Puzzle is a children's game with colorful and funny images of a dragon, a gnome, fairies and other characters that will entertain your little ones and foster their imagination.

Ocean Puzzle will surprise you with its realistic images of underwater creatures.

Children Puzzle will let you experience many positive emotions. That's because you can't help but smile when looking at the wonderful children depicted at the pictures of our puzzle.

Christmas Puzzle will create a holiday spirit in anticipation of the holiday.

Free Funny Puzzle is a free version of our program and includes pictures on different subjects. It will let you have a closer look at our games, allowing you to assess their quality.

We have put all our collections together in the Big Cartoon Puzzle and have created a large and entertaining game, filled with interesting pictures and sounds.

In addition, at our site you will find a small online service with a kids puzzle collection. You can also try out a simplified version of our game right away, without installing it to the computer.